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Deanna's Physical Therapy and Pilates small group classes are 60 minutes of exercises creatively combined to help you reach your potential. Increase your body's strength, length, balance and function.  Small group classes are limited to 8 people, booking is essential. 

Classes are held at Castor Fitness, 7995 NE Day Road, Suite B, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110  


Beginners Pilates Mat at 9:45                             

FULL Body Strength at 12:30pm


Strength & Balance at 9:15am


Beginners Pilates Mat: 11:00am


FULL Body Strength & Fitness at 9:15am

Strength & Balance at 10:30am


Mat Pilates Intermediate at 10:30am

Group Class: Strength & Balance

A 60 min session with 30 min in Standing: working on lower body strength, flexibility and balance; 30 min down on the Mat: learn the foundational BASI pilates moves and how to safely progress your strengthening of mind and body.  Chairs provided in 10:15am class for aid in balance and getting up/down from floor.  

at Castor Fitness

  •  9:15 am: Tuesday's

  • 10:30 am: Thursday's

Group Class: FULL Body Strength & Fitness

A 60 min session of through body strengthening, lengthening and balance coordination challenges.  Chairs provided, though most of the class is in standing (NO Mat/Floor work)

at Castor Fitness

  • 12:30 am: Monday's 

  •  9:15 am: Thursday's

Mat Pilates Beginner

Basics of Pilates will be taught by Deanna, a physical therapist, for you, as an individual.  Learn Pilates Principles, the foundational skills for BASI Pilates, YOUR neutral lumbar spine and optimal posture, how to breathe for activation of your core and purposeful movement, control your body’s movements with your mind, and ….add a playful spirit to your workout!


at Castor Fitness

  • 9:45 am: Monday's 

  • 11:00 am: Wednesday's

Group Class: Mat Pilates Intermediate

A 60 min session of Pilates on the mat: intermediate to more advanced moves are performed with BASI repertoire and Deanna’s unique physical therapy approach to in-depth core awareness and mind-body control.  Foundational BASI Pilates skills are a prerequisite.


at Castor Fitness

  •  10:30am on Friday's

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