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Eat to Lose Fat

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

We need to eat. We want to lose fat. We HAVE to get healthy to live full lives. You may not always realize the effects of what you do versus what you need. Here's some useful information on reducing body fat, and therefore increasing your wellness. 1. Continue or INcrease your strength training program with purpose! 2. Eat protein, protein, protein (plus fiber and probiotics to keep bowels moving), as well as good fats. 3. Sleep well/de-stress/be aware of hormone affects when your flight/fight (SNS) versus rest/restore (PSNS) systems get off balance. 4. Watch what you drink. Water good, sugar bad, caffeine dehydrates you, but green tea has great antioxidants (aging and cancer fighting as they reduce free radicals), dairy increases inflammation and congestion. 5. With cardio, my heart getting a workout? Moving for hours doesn't count unless 10 min or more of that time, your exertion level got so high you could NOT finish a complete sentence. HIIT works well for time efficiency (15 min/day boosts metabolism too) but don't let the speed/intensity decrease your form. If you know how to do it slow, keep that form doing it fast to keep safe/injury free.

In essence, you feel it...when you're healthy and balanced, or not. Everyone has something they'd like to change, but how? Educate yourself, make a goal, and seek the support you need to achieve it. Simply progressing toward something in your life will reaffirm your strength...your well being.

Try it out! Contact me if you need support (and my expertise).

One idea: An InBody test at Island Fitness Gym can be a great place to start. Where do you stand today regarding body fat and muscle mass (in each limb of the body) as well as BMR and visceral fat levels.

That's enough for one day...I'm off to eat my egg white veggie filled frittata and green tea!

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