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No Joke

Have you heard this one? How are physical therapists like doctors and lawyers?

We're all human. OK, I realized that wasn't the funniest of jokes. What I'm trying to say is, we look towards professionals with their expertise and that's for reason. As a human race with a complicated social structure, we have needed to specialize in order to truly succeed as a species. No longer can one person do it all. And yet, we are all still humans, filled with fallible tendencies, limited knowledge, and a science and law that only proves what has succeeded in the past, not what will work in the future. I encourage you to pursue specialists for issues that are not easily dealt with alone. Find the doctor that makes the most perfect surgery and improves your lifespan or wellness. Find the lawyer that can enable you to uphold your rights and responsibilities in society. Find the Physical Therapist that that can help you physiologically (nerves, muscles, bones, processes) as well as psychologically (motivation, education, clarity and focus). Together, your specialist can best enable and assist you when you advocate for yourself and remember, they are humans too. They are fallible and skilled, they may be honest or not, they may put you first, or have to decide, you have to allow the best in each human to better your life and vice versa: allow yourself to better another's. How are you the same as a doctor, a lawyer, and a physical therapist? You, they, we all need each other.

May your (sober) October be fruitful, filled with mindful action and a sense of humanity.

By Deanna Dewell Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor

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